Rokudo Chinno-ji

My last wish is to
To die beneath the
Light of the autumn moon
So I will no longer be lost in
the darkness.

This temple is a sub-temple of Kennin-ji Temple and is well known as Roku-san.

Around this area, people sent off the deceased to a burial mound known as Toribeno. It was believed to be the border between this world and the other.

Rokudo means the six Buddhist realms, one of which each living thing is supposed to be sent according to his deeds in this world. They consist of Jingoku or hell, Gaki or hungry spirits, Chikusho or animals, Shura or asuras, Ninge or humans, and Tenjo or heavenly beings.

For four days from August 7 to 10 every year many people visit the temple to strike the Mukae-gane (The Welcoming Bell) to invite the spirits of their ancestor back to this world.