Teppanyaki and Kappo

Teppanyaki is usually beef, seafood and vegetables cooked on a hot steel grill in front of the customer. Teppanyaki is perhaps the second most well-known Japanese cuisine in the West. While it was developed in Japan, it was more popular with non-Japanese, until more recently.

Kappo is very popular in Kyoto and features a counter seating arrangement in which the chef cooks and arranges the dishes on one side, and the customer enjoys them immediately on the other. Kappo is very intimate and offers the customer a chance to converse with the chef. A good chef quickly discerns the tastes and inclinations of the customer and prepares dishes accordingly. 

Teppan Kappo Sou 

Chef Tsukada offer diners the best wagyu beef available without the prohibitive price of the famous brands like Kobe beef. To do this, he uses non-brand name wagyu. There are 14 grades of beef in Japan and the top grade is A5, the best Matsuzaka beef and Kobe beef are A5. Using A5 non-brand gives the same brand name taste, but costs about 30% less.

In addition to quality at a reasonable price, is individualized customer service in an intimate setting. Chef Tsukada likes the simplicity of the kappo counter format and the direct contact with the customer. 

 • Teppan Kappo is located in extremely picturesque Gion Shinbashi, one of Kyoto’s geiko entertainment districts.

 • These districts are known for their very high prices, but Sou is open, friendly and quite reasonably priced.

 • The quality of the wagyu beef is the highest grade available.

 • Sou offers an excellent selection of wine, both Chef Tsukada and the manager are sommeliers.

 • An English menu is available. The owner chef and manager worked at an international hotel for 10 years so can communicate a little in English.

 • Get the meibutsu wagyu katsu sandwich for take out.

 • Teppan Kappo Sou is open until 2 am.

A dinner reservation is recommended. Ask your hotel concierge to make a reservation for you or use the email address below (simple English, please, the manager requests!)


Reservations: Please make dinner and lunch reservations via email at least 3 days in advance.

Email Reservations: teppankappou-sou (at) kki (dot) biglobe (dot) ne (dot) jp