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Who eats his breakfast
Gazing at morning glories


Helpful Resource About Japanese Food:

Please watch this Ted Talk with Toshio Tanahashi to experience some important elements of Japanese culture and food preparation.

Tips for Eating Inexpensively in Kyoto

  • Many of Kyoto’s finest restaurants (including some of its famous kaiseki restaurants) offer a lunch menu that costs a fraction of their dinnertime prices.
  • Japanese food tends to be cheaper than foreign food, so go local if you want to save money.
  • Simple noodle (soba, udon and ramen) dishes and rice dishes (donburi – rice topped with various things) are the best choices to fill up for cheap.
  • Set meals always cost less than ordering a la carte. Learning the words “teishoku” (set meal) and “higawari teishoku” (daily special) will save you a lot of money.
  • Take away food is a great deal. You can buy some really high-end takeaway food in the “depachika” (basement food floors) of Takashimaya and Daimaru department stores.
  • Bakeries sell a variety of pastries, breads and ready-made sandwiches that are perfect for breakfast in your hotel room and picnics on the go.
  • Eating while standing at “tachi-kui” (stand-and-eat restaurants) is the cheapest way to eat out in Kyoto. You’ll find them at train stations and in the downtown shopping area.

Ordering in a Restaurant:

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