Obanzai Cooking

This Cooking Class (approx. 2 – 2.5 hours) specializes in Obanzai- style food (Kyoto homestyle cooking) and is led by Yoshie Ishiguro, a specialist in this kind of cooking.

She writes: “Obanzai is both good for your body and tastes great as well!”

Cost: 6,000 Japanese Yen/Person

For more information about this class: jason.jdkai@gmail.com

WAK offers the opportunity to prepare obanzai, Kyoto’s traditional home-style dishes, using locally grown vegetables. Main ingredients often include egg-plant, spinach, tofu(bean curd), radish and some fish, such as mackerel or herring
They are not only nutritious, low-in-calorie, but also colorful and pleasing to the eye. Recipes written in English are provided.

You will have a chance to visit a local home. Then, with the help/advice of the cooking teacher, you will learn how to make obanzai by using local vegetables.

NOTE: This cooking is not for a strict vegetarian. Fish or seafood may be used for soup stock or some side dishes. Please let them know if you have any dietary requirement due to health or some other reasons.