Time with Artisans

Please anoint my robe
with Fushimi’s peach blossom
dew, drop by drop

Kyoto Artisans is an affiliated organization of Kyoto City, which also manages Fureaikan, the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts, which systematizes, promotes and facilitates better understanding of 74 categories of Kyoto traditional industries with the cooperation of all the associations of local crafts.

This time, the Foundation is taking advantage of its exceptional network of craftsmen to give Kyoto visitors from Japan and abroad a rare opportunity to visit private studios for hands-on experience of local traditional crafts. Via Kyoto Artisans Concierge we not only provide Kyoto guests with high quality services, we also wish to revitalize Kyoto traditional industries affected by the unfortunate decline in demand.


For those wanting to study at the KAWASHIMA TEXTILE SCHOOL: http://www.kawashima-textile-school.jp/e/index.html