Mt. Koya (Koya-san)

Sleeping in the temple
the serious-looking face
is moon-viewing

Koya-san (Mount Koya)

This is one of Japan’s holiest mountains located in Wakayama Prefecture. The journey to Mount Koya takes visitors to a cedar-filled valley 800 meters above sea level, surrounded by 8 mountain peaks.

In the early 9th century, the Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi founded the first temple and it has grown to more than 100 monasteries surrounding the head temple of Kongobuji. Visitors also have the opportunity to stay overnight at one of the many temple lodgings.

If Mt Koya is fully booked then an alternative shukubo that you may enjoy is Chikurin-in Gumpo-en in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture.

For a good description of staying at a Buddhist Temple on Koyasan, read David Paget’s article, “Japanese Buddhist Temple Overnight” and “Buddhist Temple Overnight

Important Points 
– Check In Before 17:00 (5:00pm)
– Pay with Japanese Yen Cash Only

Check In for Dinner Before 17:00
It is very important to check in to your shukubo by 17:00 (5:00pm). If you arrive after this time then they will not be able to serve you dinner but yo will be changed for it. Also there are no other evening restaurants or shops to buy dinner so you will go hungry. We do not want you to go hungry so please check in before 17:00 (5:00pm).

Cash Only Payment:
Most Shukubo on Mt Koya only accept payment by yen cash, so make sure you have enough cash when you travel to Mt Koya, also please note that ATMs only work during business hours on business days. Please get cash in a large city before you come to Mt Koya. If you do not have enough cash the innkeepers may call the police.

For temple reservations: