Orinasu-kan Museum


This is a museum that preserves some aspects of a traditional Nishijin building. In 1989, a part of the old Nishijin building was renovated and reopened as Nishijin Museum.

The building is long inside and the front is narrow. Since sunlight cannot reach the rooms inside, all of them are equipped with a window. The back room was used as a textile workshop and thus that’s why it was called “Oya-ken”(Weaving room).

Here visitors can see rare things such as Noh costumes that represent the Showa Era and traditional textiles collected from all over Japan. You can also make a reservation for the “Traditional Textile Workshop” by appointment.

Even today many textile artists still reside in the Nishijin area, so it is not unusual to hear the sound of a loom. There is however little tourists can actually see. When it comes to Kyoto, people mostly come to visit temples, but we highly recommend you come to this museum and take the time to learn about the traditional crafts of the city.