Established in 1838, Seikado is a longstanding Kyoto metalwork specialty store that has been in continuous operation for nearly 200 years (there are just 10 metalwork specialty stores in all of Japan, making it a very rare store indeed). Located on Teramachi Dori Street, bustling with locals and tourists, Seikado has a dignified and relaxed appearance, creating the distinctive atmosphere that only a long history can produce. The biggest attraction of Seikado is its beautiful and tasteful tinware. Many of the beautiful objects are made from tin. This metal is easily scratched or dented. However, enjoying the added touch of this “transformation” through long term use is one of the reasons it captivates many people. Even if tinware is scratched, it will never deteriorate or rust. It can be passed down through generations from parent to child and child to grandchild, and made part of one’s life for years to come. The metalwork arrayed in the beautiful glass showcases is also the result of painstaking craftsmanship by artisans.

Saké cups made from tin are worth buying for their shiny silvery white appearance alone, but the biggest attraction of tinware saké cups is that they also have the perfect characteristics for saké. Tin is said to purify water. This makes the saké smoother, so even ordinary saké tastes just as good as junmai saké.  It also has superior heat and cold retention, so you can keep hot or chilled saké at the appropriate temperature while you drink. 

Occasionally, they also have exhibitions of works by the public, so you can enjoy a variety of metalwork handicrafts in the gallery at the back. If you are lucky, they will be having a public exhibition when you visit. Visit the gallery in the back to enjoy works by diverse metalwork handicraft artists from both Japan and around the world!