This is a Japanese paper goods shop located inside the Museum of Kyoto. We recommend the accessories and stationery made from traditionally crafted Japanese washi paper. You will find a plethora of items that make use of washi’s unique texture and beautiful color. Not only are these items exquisitely designed, but many of them are highly practical and useful for everyday purposes. Since they make use of Japanese-style illustrations and patterns, they will also make beautiful souvenirs that their recipients are sure to love.


Shogado earned the Kyoto Design Award for its stationery that mixes modern illustrations with Japanese design to create a new style. The recommended products are the wahon and the Goshuin-chou. The wahon is a notebook that has Japanese designs on the cover, and is very good to use as a travel diary or a notepad. If you use it as a travel diary, you’re sure to make good memories. The Goshuin-chou is a particular kind of notebook called a goshuin that you bring to temples and shrines and have the monks stamp it as a sign of your visit. If you bring this goshuin-chou with you to the temples and shrines you visit in Kyoto, you can get it stamped and have even more fun as you sightsee.


Ritendo doesn’t think that a handwriting letter is old dated. They create and sell paper products made by traditional letterpress printing and modern graphic designing, believing that such products are more appealing to the hearts of people. Vintage letterpress printing machine has been working for a long time to make original paper goods. 

95 Ichijojisatononishicho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu, 3 minute-walk from Eizan Train Ichijoji Station

Hours: 10am – 6pm, Closed: Sunday, Public holidays, and irregular holidays

Japanese only spoken


Uragu Hatch

Uragu Hatch is a fashionable Japanese stationery store on Yasaka-dori. They have a lot of stationery for letter-writing as well as a lot of Japanese-style accessories that are a little out of the ordinary. They carry items that use Japanese designs and patterns beautifully that are also fun to use. Among those items the most recommended is the Kotomori message card and the Mamemo note pads.
The Kotomori is a message card set where the envelope is shaped like a traditional Japanese omamori, the charms that you can buy from shrines. There are many ways to use it, like writing a wish on it, or writing a message on it and giving it to someone with a gift.
The Mameno note pad is a small pad printed with Japanese patterns. Since you can remove them one-by-one, you can also use them as a message card. There are many patterns, such as an elephant carrying a tower, that are Japanese-style but slightly out of the ordinar

Washiclub Kodaiji

This shop is located on the first floor of the shopping district “Rakuichi Nene” in front of the Kodaiji temple. Multi-colored accessories made of Japanese paper are sold here. Many of the accessories here are practical, and are great not only as gifts, but for use in daily life. With its proximity to the “Nene no michi” sightseeing spot, we hope you’ll visit this shop during one of your strolls.