Stay in KyoMachiya

the journey itself is my home

Not all ryokan are KyoMachiya. These are found only in Kyoto. They are converted traditional buildings that now offer places to shop and sleep.

For example, the company Old Kyoto currently owns three machiya in Gion: Indigo House, Amber House and The Gion House.

Indigo House Gion is a two-level traditional home, which was abandoned and rundown until Hawes enlisted architect Geoffrey Moussas to restore it.

Gion House (a similar townhouse nearby) was used as an “o-chaya” (a geikos space for entertaining) until the 1960s and has also been refreshed by Moussas. These two accommodations are rented out as double-residence spaces, with an upper and lower level that function entirely separately and privately, though can be rented together by families and friends.

Amber House (also a two-story) is located in a quiet cul-de-sac just a few meters away; its windows look out over the gardens of Kennin-ji—the oldest Zen temple in the country. These houses offer the kind of charm and peace that one hopes to achieve after a busy day exploring the treasures of Kyoto—near but away from the city’s tourist-fueled energy. The best of both worlds, all of Old Kyoto’s properties are serviced by a centralized office and reception area in the neighborhood with English-speaking staff eager to help visitors navigate the best the city has to offer.

Machiya Inn offers two Kyomachiya

Anenishi-an is a two story Kyomachiya found on a quiet side street off “Sanjyo Shoutengai,” Kyoto’s largest shopping arcade.

Nakano-an is a two story Kyomachiya located minutes north of “Nijo” Castle, hidden at the end of a narrow, gated alleyway lined with Machiya.