Antique Kimono

Konjuku Nishimura

In the area of Gion town of antiques (Furu-Monzen, Shin-Monzen and Nawate streets), Konjaku Nishimura specializes in antique textiles, kimonos and all sort of small articles made of old textiles.
Address : 36 Benzaiten-cho, Yamatooji Sanjo-kudaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Tel : (075) 561-1568
Business hours : 10:00~19:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
Website (in Japanese) :

Antique Kimono YaYa

Right beside Chion-in Temple, Antique Kimono YAYA offers kimono as well as YAYA’s originally designed garments like aloha shirts, dresses, and bags all made with kimono or obi fabrics. Easily accessible and approachable, you will sure to be in admiration when you encounter these traditional Japanese garments. The staff are very helpful in finding what you’re looking for.

Yuzu iro