To these good townsfolk
I’d be persuaded to sell
this hat of snow


Red: Places of Interest   Blue: Eat   Green: Sleep

The Sanneizaka district, named after one of the cobbled street that leads up the hill to Kiyomizu-dera, is a monzencho, a town that grew up outside the gates of a temple.This area originally opened for business more than 1200 years ago and you will find are many historic properties here.

The shops along these street catered then, as well as now, to the needs of pilgrims. It is another place it is best to visit early in the morning before all the crowds. 

You will want to explore Yasaka Jinja, the patron shrine of the Gion entertainment quarter, Ishibe-koji that leads one through a maze of former villas turned teahouses and inns where geisha still entertain. Across the street from Ishibe-koji