Thatched House

Returning to my native village after many years’ absence:
Ill, I put up at a country inn and listen to the rain.
One robe, one bowl is all I have.
I light incense and strain to sit in meditation;
All night a steady drizzle outside the dark window–
Inside, poignant memories of these long years of pilgrimage.

You may want to experience life outside Kyoto in a thatched house. I have not tried this, but I thought it was interesting and the owners write the following:

“Escape from crowd and noise!! Come and visit Kyoto’s mountainous area and stay at a traditional thatched-house.

The place we live is called Keihoku. It’s only 1 hour north away from center Kyoto, and you can enjoy stunningly majestic mountain and river scenery, fresh air, and meet heart-warming people.

We can also offer some unique nature tours for you.

I was born and grown up in this house, as well as his 6 generations of ancestors.

I speak English without inconvenience, thanks to my travel experience in the world.”