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This restaurant is located in Gion and specializes in dumplings. The restaurant’s clean interior has both counter and table seating. The dumplings are characterized by their small size meaning they can be eaten in one bite. Also, the filling contains more napa cabbage than meat giving them a light flavor. Their skins are thin with a crispy texture. I know some people can be concerned about the smell of dumplings seeing as they contain garlic, but at Senmonten, no raw garlic is used. 

English and Chinese menus are available.

The gyoza are prepared according to some secret Chinese process – they’re perfectly crispy on the outside and the scallion-flavored pork inside is juicy and delightful. Best of all, they’re bite size, so you can just pop them one at a time into your mouth. You order them in pallets of 20 and it’s easy to put down 40 or more at a sitting.