This is the oldest knife store in Kyoto. Actually, Shigeharu is one of the oldest stores(of any categories) in Kyoto.

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This is one of the most famous and trusted brands of knives all across Japan. 

Located on the north side of Nishiki Market, a short distance west of Teramachi Shopping Arcade, Aritsugu is almost always packed with professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts admiring the large selection of blades and other cooking utensils on displays. 

After you make your selection, the staff will put a final edge on the knife with a huge revolving whetstone. They’ll also engrave the knife with your initials if you wish. Finally, if you intend to give the knife as a gift, they’ll include a small stone to symbolically dull the blade (which might otherwise cut your ties to the recipient of the gift).

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Information about Knives

The Seki Traditional Swordsmith Museum in Gifu shows off the history and tradition of blade-making that date back over 700 years. Documents and videos are always on display for visitors to see, and on certain designated days, a glimpse of traditional Japanese sword forging is shown to the public. Every January 2nd, for example, you can watch the Uchizome-shiki, a ceremony marking the first forging of the year, in which sword smiths wear their traditional white attire and pound the raw steel with giant hammers, sending out flurries of sparks in the process. The sword smith demonstration is not held on a daily basis so check before planning planning a visit.