Archery Lesson

“Kyudo, or Japanese art of archery, is a martial art to shoot a target with a traditional Japanese-style bow and arrow.
A bow and arrow was originally created to hunt animals. Their use, however, changed over a long period of time and they were used for a long time as a weapon in the war-torn era but became outdated after arrival of guns. That’s when Japanese archery began to develop as a form of martial arts. As the samurai class was abandoned approximately 150 years ago, Japanese archery gained popularity among citizens.

  • How would you like to actually experience Japanese archery in a wondrous atmosphere where a building contractor’s office was renovated?
  • You can take a private lesson from the master, the chairman of Kyoto City Japanese Archery Association!
  • He will kindly teach you Kyudo from scratch: the spirit of Kyudo, how to hold a bow, how to shoot an arrow and everything.

The Japanese archery hall was once a building contractor’s office and the president renovated the site where you can now learn everything about Japanese archery including its spirit, etiquette, how to use gears and how to prepare and shoot an arrow. We are very positive you will enjoy this substantial program. 

The master is friendly and full of humor so you can enjoy this program to the fullest!  You don’t have to worry about anything even if you are a complete beginner! “

Our staff will guide you from the nearby station.