Gio-ji temple of the Shingon Buddist sect, formerly known as Ojo-in, is said to have been founded by Nembutsubo Ryochin, a disciple of Priest Honen. Later it came to be called Gio-ji.

The main building, reconstructed in 1895, enshrines the statue of Buddha Dainchi, which symbolizes oneness with the universe.

There is also a statue of Taira no Kiyomori, a chieftain of the Taira clan in the 12th century and four statues of nuns including Gio, a great beauty, who had renounced the world while still young after she had lost favor with Kiyomori.

In the precinct, stands a pagoda which is said to be the grave of Gio and her sister, and another pagoda dedicated to Kiyomori.