Tatami Making

Yamada Tatami

“My husband and I really enjoyed our visit to Yamada Tatami. During the first part of our visit Mikiko taught us about the history of tatami mats and explained what the various components are. Then we had the opportunity to watch Mikiko’s husband and father-in-law work in their shop – that day they were refurbishing some older tatami mats and making them look like new. It was great to get a behind the scenes look at how tatami is made!

Then we went to a separate room and made our own mini tatami mats, which are a fun souvenir. Mikiko was very encouraging and a great teacher. Her husband joined us towards the end we really enjoyed having a chance to chat with them…they have a great sense of humor! 

Overall, we would highly recommend visiting Yamada Tatami. It was a nice change of pace from seeing temples and being surrounded by tourists. It took us to a quieter part of Kyoto which we wouldn’t have been to otherwise, and we got to meet some lovely people.”

Address: 316 Temmayacho, Shimotateuri Agaru, Kamigyo-kuKyoto 602-8355, Kyoto Prefecture

Phone: +81 80-4026-1425