Horina Memorial Museum

Matsuya Kyubei, the founder of Kinshi Masamune, established a sake brewery in Kyoto in 1781. The brewery facilities were moved to the Fushimi district of Kyoto in 1880, but the family residence and sake brewing tools are cultural resources that can still be seen in their original location in central Kyoto today. The name Horino Memorial Museum comes from the  Horino branch of the Matsuya family.

The main building is 26 meters wide and 30 meters deep, and it is located in the southern  part of the spacious grounds. The windows and latticework are           characteristic of machiya (traditional home) construction at that time. The corridor on the north side serves to connect  the garden, an earthen warehouse           and the main house. At the far end of the grounds  beginning in the south are the Bunko warehouse (with an inscription indicating completion in  1820), the sake warehouse, the northern warehouse and three earthen warehouses. These structures give us a historical glimpse of machiya architecture and culture.