Kyogashi – Candy Making


Kyogashi is Kyoto-style Japanese sweets. Kyogashi’s delicacy of taste, beauty and artistic uniqueness were established in the Edo Era. Kyogashi was developed during the revival of aristocratic culture and the flourishing of the tea ceremony. There are many temples and shrines in Kyoto, and they have used traditional sweets in their festivals and ceremonies. Kyogashi values the four seasons, cultivating a sense of beauty. Today, Kyogashi is considered the best Japanese sweets.

For 6 generations, Kanshun-do has been serving the people of Kyoto with sweet confectioneries. Shapes that reflect current season are the raw Kyo-gashi often in shapes of flowers and leaves. There are three branches of Kanshun-do in Kyoto, and two of them (Higashi Shop and Sagano Shop) offer 75-minute Japanese confectionery making courses. Classes are held 4 times a day, making reservations are recommended. Create Japanese confectioneries in a traditional building with wooden beams and have a taste of your sweet creation with matcha green tea which is included in the course. There is no need to have prior experience at all. Talented craftsman will carefully instruct the techniques for a very fun sweets making experience.

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