Food Tour

I highly recommend beginning your time in Fushimi with a food tasting tour with Jason Davidson of JD Kai!

He has lived in the very neighborhood you visit for over ten years.

You meet him at the Momoyamagoryomae Station located on the Kintetsu train line between 9:45–10:00. There is easy access from central Kyoto or Osaka. 

He provides a wonderful opportunity for walking, talking, and tasting at ten family owned and operated family owned shops in the very walkable shotengai or shopping streets.

Before we began tasting, we walked to Gokonmi-ya jinja where, according to the temple records, a spring of pure water appeared in the shrine grounds in 862. The water had a faint fragrance, and people who drank the water were also said to have been cured of their ills. The shrine was therefore named “Gokonomi-ya” meaning “Shrine of Fragrant Water”, by the Seiwa Emperor. In time, Gokonomi-ya-jinja became a community shrine for the Fushimi district. However, it eventually fell into ruin due to frequent military conflict and natural disasters.

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