“Even in Kyoto…Hearing the cuckoo’s cry…I long for Kyoto”

If you are like me, you appreciate what is unique and traditional about a place and its people.

Most of you will have a limited time to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site. I hope to provide you with a guide to exploring some of the best of traditional Kyoto. 

You may also find yourself better prepared to experience the very rich and complex Japanese culture found in Kyoto.

This is not a complete guide; it offers primarily a guide to eat, sleep, shop and explore what remains traditional in Kyoto.

I strongly recommend that you get up early, take a taxi to the traditional area you choose to explore for the day. Also, give yourself the opportunity to eat your meals in some of the restaurants located in traditional buildings.

To all those who provided support for this project, I am deeply grateful.

For all those of you who will travel to Kyoto in your imaginations, enjoy!