At day break
I am off to gather clay
To make my pottery;
It is my way of 
Venerating Buddha.

Kyo-yaki is a general term for all pottery created in KyotoKiyomizu-yakioriginally referred to pottery made in the Gojozaka area, along the route to Kiyomizu Temple. Accordingly, all pottery now made in Kyoto is referred to as “Kyo-yaki / Kiyomizu-yaki.”


Raku Museum

This is a must for all lovers of Japanese pottery.

The Raku Museum is situated immediately next door to the Raku family home and workshop. It was established in 1978 by the 14th generation Kakunyû (1918~1980) and has a collection consisting primarily of ceramics made by successive heads of the Raku family, related documents and tea utensils passed down over the generations. The collection has been formed over 450 years as a resource from which future generations can learn about the techniques and artistry of their forebears enabling them to establish each individual style. The Raku Museum is, in effect, an encapsulation of the essence of the Raku tradition incessant over 450 years.