Uzuki Japanese Cooking

Emi Hirayama writes:

“Are you looking for a unique cultural experience while in Japan? Uzuki is a fun and intimate way to learn about Japanese cuisine during your stay in Kyoto. I was born and raised in Kyoto, and my family are all from kyoto. I am not a professional chef, but I love Kyoto foods very much and have enjoyed cooking all my life.

Held in small groups at my house, by joining us you’ll learn about Japanese home-cooking, not just the sushi and tempura served in restaurants. I use pure seasonings like pure rice wine, rice vinegar to create healthy dishes. And after cooking, you enjoy the dishes you’ve cooked. This, all in a real Japanese home. You can learn to cook many kinds of Japanese food; Kyo-ryori (traditional Kyoto cuisine) to home-style Japanese dishes, Japanese vegetarian / vegan dishes as well as wagashi (Japanese sweets).”

Traditional Japanese cuisine basically consists of the following kinds of dishes:

aemono / dressed or marinated salad
shirumono / soup
yakimono / grilled dish
nimono /  boiled or simmered dish
agemono / deep-fried dish
mushimono /  steamed dish
others: cooked rice, sushi, noodles