Black calligraphy of geese
pale printed foothills
for a seal, full moon


DSC04693.JPGI hope as you wander the streets of Kyoto you will come upon an exhibition of calligraphy in a local temple or exhibition space. 


You may want to have a lesson at Taizo-in, a Zen temple found in the Compound in Kyoto.

The art of Calligraphy or Shodo is essential to the world of Zen. In Japan, there are different types of calligraphy, where a sumi-ink dipped brush is used artistically to create bold and dynamic kanji (Chinese characters) to represent the significance of Zen teachings.

In Zen, this type of art is called “bokuseki”, and it is completely different from mere calligraphy. Calligraphy is an important and indispensable element for traditional Japanese temples and homes. At Taizo-in, the calligraphy lesson includes an introduction to calligraphy and allows you to practice your drawing. Beginners are welcome. They have a collection of examples of Kanji characters for you to look at, and once you practice with the brush, you will be able to draw the characters on shikishi (a fine square cardboard). You may take home your finished piece of work with a special Japanese mount, which makes a memorable and original souvenir.

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