Kubota Birendo

Just by chance I happened upon this wonderful shop. I was intrigued by the beautiful items in their windows.

The shop started in 1883 as the Kubota Seijiro Sudare Shoten that specialized in manufacturing bamboo blinds and other bamboo items.  From specially made bamboo blinds for temples and shrines to ones for general households, they can accept any order concerning bamboo blinds. 

Their techniques are highly regarded not only within Japan but are also recognized overseas evident in the fact that the Metropolitan Museum in New York chose their bamboo blinds for the renovation of the Japan Section. 

They accept custom orders, so just describe what kind of blind you want in terms of design, size and material.  “Some of my customers want to use the bamboo blind like a thin curtain while others want to adjust the size to their window size,” the present owner, Kubota, says.  Preserving their traditional manufacturing technique, Kubota also offers new designs and ways of utilizing bamboo blinds in a modern life style.


Hours: 9:00-18:00
Closed: Sunday and National Holidays