Soba Boro Cookies


Soba Boro is a cookie made of buckwheat which has a crisp biscotti-like texture. It is not exclusively found only in Kyoto but because this old city houses several shinises which are very well-known for making soba boro, this snack has now being linked to Kyoto to become a 京銘菓, which literally means “famous snack from Kyoto”. Originating from Portugal, “boro” means “cake” in Portuguese.  They are a favorite snack served to guests during afternoon teas. They also travel very well, and stay crisp and dry for a long time, thus making them ideal omiyage gifts.

Soba Boro is a traditional Japanese cookie that is made with soba (buckwheat) flour and lots of eggs. The texture is similar to biscotti. It is a traditional Japanese confection and unlike many Japanese confections, it is quite cheap. Because it is non-perishable, it is a light weight, easily transportable foodie souvenir of your visit to Kyoto,

Kyoto Marutamachiya Soba Boro Cookie 丸太町かわらまち屋 蕎麦ぼうろ

Soba Boro Package