Yuba is one of the foods made from soybeans. As soy milk boils, a film forms on the surface. The film is yuba. About 1200 years ago, yuba was brought from China. It is said that the first yuba in Japan was eaten in Kyoto and Shiga. Then, yuba was eaten by priests, and also now. Yuba is one of the ingredients of Sho-jin meals, special foods that priests eat.

At first, yuba was considered a Chinese food, but after yuba was introduced to Japan, it was called Kyo-Yuba. Kyo-Yuba was developed in regard to the Japanese climate and Japanese taste. So yuba is an original Japanese food.

Yuba is used as an ingredient in preparing meals. You can eat yuba raw like sashimi. This is called Namayuba. You can eat various kinds of yuba. Yuba can be fried, boiled, or used in Japanese soup. You can buy these different kinds in shops in Kyoto.

There are two hypotheses why yuba is called yuba.

One is that the color and texture of yuba looks like the wrinkled skin of an old woman. So it was called “Uba” (which means “old woman”). And it later became called yuba.

The second one is that yuba is from the surface of soy milk, so it was called “Uha” (which means “surface”). And it later changed to yuba.


Located in Nishiki Market, Yubakichi’s rich history dates back to 1790. The delicate yuba is made using domestic soybeans. The yuba has a light sweetness to it. You will find both dried and fresh yuba. The fresh yuba is creamy and has a nice texture. This can be served with just wasabi and soy sauce.

10:00 – 18:00, closed Sundays and the 4th Wednesday of each month

www.kyoto-nishiki.or.jp/shop/yubakichi/yubakichi.htm (Japanese)

Also: http://ueda-yuba.co.jp/

Seike Nishijin

I highly recommend this restaurant experience. It was one of my favorite meals on my most recent trip. Each dish was delicious with interesting uses of yuba.

TEL: 075-468-8487

FAX: 075-468-8515
TEL: 81- (0) 75-468-8487
Lunch: 11: 30 ~ 2: 30 (last entry)
Dinner: 5: 00 ~ 7: 45 (last entry) 
(Closed: 9: 30)
Closed: Wednesday 

Gion Yamato

This restaurant has many yuba dishes. At lunchtime, you can eat a packed lunch that includes yuba dishes.

If you choose the “Hikiage Yuba” course, you can make yuba and tofu by yourself.